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Leadership. It's a word we hear a lot, but what does it mean to YOU?

Student Leadership University has partnered with some of today's top leaders to create "Think Bigger: The Call of a Leader," a free eBook designed to help you develop the skills and character qualities essential to leadership. Inside you'll find insight from leaders and experts in ministry and business:

• Pat Williams, Co-founder and Senior Vice President, Orlando Magic
• Dr. Danny Akin, President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
• Brad Lomenick, President, Catalyst
• Mark Miller, Vice President of Development, Chick-fil-A

Student Leadership University is a youth program like no other, pairing exclusive travel experiences with faith-based leadership training for students. Learn more at www.slulead.com.

This Resource Includes:
• eBook (PDF)

FREEBIE: Think Bigger - The Call of a Leader

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Challenge your student leaders to develop character!

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Free Ebook by Doug Fields

There are plenty of people who are grateful that you do what you do. Your students are, their families are, and your church is, even though they may not say it often enough. I want to say thanks on behalf of them, and model the way we need to be saying thanks to the leaders that serve alongside us—in ten different ways—through this ebook.

Thank YOU!