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Editor's note: This is a really solid one-off message. Well-written, good illustrations.

Fake is a one-off message on being a true follower of Jesus. It shows how Jesus called out religious leaders and fake followers and shows how looking the part isn't the real measure of faithfulness. It encourages students to analyze their life in light of what the Scriptures say a true follower looks like. Students will discover that fakers ...

• Don't have a relationship with Jesus.
• Don't obey Jesus' words.
• Don't have the right fruit.

This study includes a full manuscript, a handout, a PowerPoint presentation, and graphic slides for adding your own slides or making promotional graphics.

This Resource Includes:
• Complete Manuscript
• Student Handout
• PowerPoint Presentation
• Graphics (JPGs)

Note from the Author

This is a great resource for a retreat weekend message or a single night message in between series.


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Fake is a one-off message on being a true follower of Jesus.
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Dustin Slaton

Dustin loves seeing students (and adults) taking steps to grow in discipleship. He served as a student pastor in Arkansas and Texas for over ten years, and served with Dare 2 Share Ministries in Denver, CO. He now serves as the Campus Pastor at Green Acres Baptist Church's South Campus in Tyler, TX. He lives in Tyler with his wife, Melody, and their four very rowdy kids.

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There are plenty of people who are grateful that you do what you do. Your students are, their families are, and your church is, even though they may not say it often enough. I want to say thanks on behalf of them, and model the way we need to be saying thanks to the leaders that serve alongside us—in ten different ways—through this ebook.

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