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When we go to camp, retreats, and mission trips, we prepare and plan for so much. But on the road, students are left to either be on their phones or watch a movie. What if there was an activity to keep students active and interacting with each other while on the bus or on the plane to their destination?

Included in "On the Way" is a devotional and travel road activity packet for the time heading to either a camp or mission trip. You can use these printouts as simply something to pass the time mindfully or you could use it as a competition where you can give away prizes to the student who has the highest score. Either way, this packet will hopefully keep your students off their phones and actively using their minds to get to know each other better and have a fun time as you travel to your destination.

This Resource Includes:
• Activity Packet (Word files) includes
- A devotional
- 7 different activities
• Leader guides for each activity (Word files) that give you helpful suggestions
• Score Sheet (Excel file)
• Graphics files (jpeg, png files)
• Ready to print student handouts for either camp or mission trip (Word files)

Note from the Author

If you use this as a competition, consider thinking of prizes that won't cost you anything like the first choice of bed, opportunity to skip the lines for meals, and other free options that make sense for your event. If you want to spend money, you can purchase a gift card to a popular restaurant or credit to buy things where you are heading.

On the Way

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This devotional and activity packet offers an alternative to keep students active and interacting with each other while on the bus or on the plane to their destination.
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