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Overall Topic: Help your students understand the impact their trip will have on the mission site, their own lives, and the Kingdom. Number of Sessions: 4 Session Objectives:
  • No Trace Mission Trip: Students learn the importance of leaving a positive impact on the community.
  • Critical Others: Students understand the value of everyone associated with their mission trip, especially individuals outside of their team.
  • Tipping Point: Students learn how every team eventually comes to a tipping point, and the impact their decisions make.
  • Finishing Strong: Students understand that the end of their trip says more about them than the beginning.
What is Imprint about? At LeaderTreks we believe a mission trip is an incredible experience for developing students. When they fully understand the impact their team can make and take the time before the trip to learn key principles, their trip can be truly life changing. Four self-contained sessions include everything you need to run highly successful, interactive pre-trip training sessions. The Facilitator's Guide includes:
  • Teaching outline and notes
  • Bible study and discussion questions
  • Life study and discussion questions
  • Activity
  • Application



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4 lesson pre-trip training for mission trips:

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