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In this sermon series we began at the end of Jesus’ earthly life and worked our way back to the beginning stopping at 4 epic moments in the life of Christ and why those moments changed the world forever.

#1 - Crucifixion and Resurrection (Luke 23-24)
Without Christ’s life there would be no substitute for our sin. Without Christ’s death we would still be stuck in our sin. Without Christ’s Resurrection we would have no hope of victory over death.

#2 - Triumphal Entry and Driving out the Money Changers (Mark 11)
Have you welcomed Jesus into your life? When Jesus is welcomed there is celebration. When Jesus is welcomed there is surrender. When Jesus is welcomed there is change. The house of God and the temple of the Holy Spirit can longer be ordinary and worldly.

#3 - Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7)
Matthew 5: What the Devil twists… Jesus makes straight. Matthew 6: What the Devil kills… Jesus causes to grow. Matthew 7: The Narrow Road. What the Devil makes hard… Jesus makes worth it.

#4 – The Birth of Jesus (Matthew 2)
Before Christ, we were dead in our sin and never had peace with God (Old Covenant). After Christ we have life through him and his sacrifice has paid our debt forever (New Covenant). Because Jesus came everything has changed and should change in our life as well.

This resource includes:
• 4 word-for-word documents (1700-3000 words per) that include illustrations, video idea, etc… Teach as is or use concepts and make it your own. Very well done!
• Series graphic


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4-week series on the Life of Christ
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Ryan is from Bellevue, NE and has worked in student ministry since 2003. He and his wife have 5 children, 2 rats, a dog, and a bunny. He loves Jesus and middle schoolers. Ryan is also big Colorado Avalanche fan and enjoys playing guitar, media and web design, disc golf, gobstoppers, Haruki Murakami novels, Dr. Pepper, and a nice green lawn.

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