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Editor's note: This is another excellent series from Sabrina Hadro. Well-written, well-organized, relevant to students, biblically based, and full of extras.

“Consumed” is a comprehensive look at money through a biblical worldview, and will both convict and embolden students to be good stewards and live generously for God’s glory.

This is four weeks of complete programming, including sermon manuscripts, outlines, small group question cards, 3 screen games, a give away idea, graphics, post-series application ideas and more.

Week 1: Desensitized
We are consumed by consumerism, and we don’t even realize it. This week unpacks the concept of God as the “owner” of all of “our” money and how we overlook the greed in our own lives.

Week 2: Bigger and Better
We are obsessed and enslaved to upgrades. We want the newest, on-trend stuff, and yet, it isn’t making us happy. We are so quick to justify our spending, but Jesus is calling us to surrender to His Lordship and become good stewards.

Week 3: Delayed Gratification
We all hate waiting, but the Bible gives very practical principles even teenagers can start practicing today, like: not going into debt, saving for things they want, giving first, saving second, and spending the rest wisely, having godly accountability, and living below their means. We do this without being legalistic as we wield money through a gospel-centered lens.

Week 4: Get to Give
Generosity is at the heart of God—He is the ultimate giver! We GET TO join Him in pouring out blessings on others financially. This week unpacks tithing, offerings, and an admonishment to go out and make money in the world, investing it in the kingdom. It ties up the series with a gospel bow and provides practical application for your youth group to live what you have preached about.

This Resource Includes:
• Overview Document
• 4 Teaching Manuscripts
• 4 Teaching Outlines
• 4 Sets of Small Group Question Cards
• 4 Powerpoint Presentations
• Graphics
• 3 Theme-Based Screen Games
• A Giveaway Idea
• 3 Different Application Response Ideas
• A Worship Set
• Other DYM Theme-Based Game Ideas

Note from the Author

You might use this series strategically when your whole church is gearing up for a big giving campaign (end-of-year giving, missions giving/offering, building plan, serve your city project, etc). Students would then have an opportunity to practice what you've been exploring together.


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“Consumed” is 4 weeks of complete programming, geared to help students view money through a biblical worldview.
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Sabrina Hadro

Sabrina has been doing youth ministry for 12 years. She has her bachelor's degree in Youth Ministry from Lincoln Christian University. She has staff experience both working in mega churches and at a church plant, middle school and high school, creative arts, small groups, and director roles.

Now, by day she is the momma to 2 little girls in the land of 10,000 lakes: Minnesota! Her and her husband love attending River Valley Church and currently volunteer with the local FCA. And she still loves creating resources to help other youth workers win!

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