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Note This resource INCLUDES SOME files that require Sidekick: a Mac/PC presentation app that allows you to create beautiful, interactive elements for your weekly programs in minutes!

It also includes files that allow you to use the resource without Sidekick (like PowerPoint files, images, etc.), but for the best possible result, we recommend using Sidekick!

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year - Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year are around the corner! But so often, the season can be characterized by stress, busyness, and a lot to do. And this amazing bundle has you covered for all of it!

We want to free you to be present and to celebrate the holiday season with your students, friends, and family. So we put together a jam-packed bundle to take care of your holiday programming for you! It’s as easy as adding hot water to powdered hot chocolate (yum!).

This bundle has it all - Games, Teaching, Media, and Creative Program elements through the holiday season of Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year!

This Resource Includes:

Game: Sudden Death Word Guess Thanksgiving Edition
Teaching: Attitude of Gratitude" (1-Off) by Sabrina Hadro
• Creative Program: Speed Thanking (Sidekick file)
Media: Thanksgiving Motion Animations

• 4 Games (+ BONUS Sidekick Game):
1) Crowd Charades Christmas Movie Edition
2) Would You Rather? Holly Jolly Edition
3) Christmas Rap Battle Volume 2
4) Spoiler Alert: Christmas Present Edition
5) Christmas Feud (Sidekick file)

• Teaching: "Spoiler Alert - The Christmas Story Foretold" (3-week Series) by Sabrina Hadro

• Creative Program:
- Cutthroat Kitchen Christmas Party
- Extreme Christmas Gift Swap (Sidekick file)

• Media:
- Insta-Advent Social Media pack
- Countdown and Motion Transitions

Game: Back in 2019
• Teaching: "...And a Blessed New Year" (3-Week Series) by Andrew Larsen and Timothy Miller
• Creative Program: Be Still Prayer Experience
Media: Countdown and Motion Transitions

For a complete list of what each of these resources includes, click the Downloadable Sample PDF for all the details!

Note from the Author

The DYM team has put together an incredible bundle! If you're already a DYM Gold member it's a no-brainer, if you're NOT a gold member yet, the savings alone here are worth jumping in!!

2019 3-Holiday MEGA Programming Bundle - Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year all covered!

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A complete programming bundle that covers Thanksgiving through the New Year!

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What is Sidekick?

Sidekick is a Mac/PC presentation app that allows you to create beautiful, interactive elements for your weekly programs...in minutes! Helping you execute your vision in fun and fresh ways without carrying the full burden of creativity and execution on your own. Freeing you up to spend more time where it matters most: with the people you serve.

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