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This resource includes all the information you need for this creative and honoring event: the purpose, detailed instructions, examples, and start files! If you do an annual event for seniors, make this your choice.

The idea is to create an art gallery where your seniors are on display by creating a book that highlights each student’s unique personality and gifting. Family, church members and friends can come to the gallery and leave notes of encouragement and inspiration in the book.

Skip the desserts and the frustration of planning a service that people are seemingly bored with. Instead kick it up a few notches and provide a meaningful experience that makes a huge impact.

Senior Gallery

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The greatest event you will ever do for your graduating seniors.
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Rodney Knous

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I love the idea but it was overpriced
Jennifer 5/11/2017
I found this to be a bit overpriced for just an "idea" not a template. I guess I'm used to purchasing items on this website that are templates or even complete all done PowerPoint presentations. The only template was the invitation for the gallery. Everything else was just pictures of what they did. There was no way of customizing it for my group. I even tried to go to the websites mentioned, but was so confused because there were no direct links to those websites. I wasn't sure exactly if I was even at the right website. Another thing to note is that this is meant to be done months before the student actually graduates. I did not see that written on the description at all before purchasing. So if you're looking at this in May... you're too late. The entire purpose of me writing this review isn't to bash the product, but to help those wanting to purchase this to be aware that you are paying for is simply an idea. This isn't a template like other products on this website.

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