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This Easter-themed game is guaranteed to get your students pumped up. (It can be played any time of year.) If you've played 'Hot Potato' then you will love this game. Have students sit in a circle and put an empty shoebox / cardboard box in the middle of the circle. Pass out at least two stuffed bunnies (on opposite sides of the circle). Have some high-energy dance instrumental music ready. Once the music starts, students pass the bunnies in a clockwise rotation always using both hands. When the music stops, those who have a bunny must now get up and hop to the middle of the room and be the first person to put their bunny in the box. The first person to do so, stays in the game. All other people who have bunnies in their hands are eliminated.

This Resource Includes:
• Gameplay Instructions document (Word file)
• Title slide (jpeg file)

Note from the Author

High energy music is a must! Add more than two stuffed bunnies to make the game go faster.

Put The Bunny Back In The Box

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Don't get caught with the bunny. If you do, you need to hop fast and put the bunny back in the box first. A great Easter-themed active game.
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Matt has been in Youth Ministry for over 12 years and has loved every minute of it. Recently, he became the Connections Pastor at Hope City Church in Edmonton Alberta. Matt has been married to his wife Candace for 16 years and together they have 2 incredible boys. Discipleship and mentoring are two of Matt's absolute passions and he's honored to be an Author with DYM and helping Youth Workers across the globe WIN!

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