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You may be familiar with the app that all the “kids” are raving about these days… Snapchat… and its recent feature where you can take videos of yourself (or friends) puking rainbows (among other things). Well, we wanted to bring this edifying and intellectually stimulating activity to play in your youth group next week!

Game Play Instructions

It’s very simple… yet hilarious. Students choose if the person on the screen will puke rainbows OR if they will puke some other ridiculous mystery substance (it’s not nearly as gross as it sounds). All you have to do is cycle through the videoclips that we have provided.

To involve everyone, divide the room in half and have students guess their answer by moving that side of the room. It can also be played as a stage game with contestants, or in teams of 2-6 people depending on the size of your group. The winner can get a bag of Skittles (or something related to a rainbow)

Alternate Videos

Want to customize your game? No problem! We have included a “Rainbow” and “Not” video for every question so you can mix and match to create your own custom version of the game. You can also use these videos to easily assemble your own game in other presentation software such as ProPresenter. Have fun puking!

Puking Rainbows… or Not

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If you have to puke… might as well puke rainbows!
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