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This complete Easter package focuses on symbols and the deeper meaning of the death and resurrection of Jesus. Through various elements, students are invited to explore the events surrounding Easter and what these mean for their faith. The focus is on inviting students to take the next step in their faith.

This resource has great content throughout and is extremely thorough, with a lot of program components to offer. Even if you decide not to use everything in this bundle, you’ll see that there’s a lot of content to choose from and nothing was done in a brief, outline fashion. This is an excellent piece of work done by two experienced youth workers.


    • Two small group studies
    • Easter sermon
    • A family devotional that parents can lead at home
    • Take home devotionals for students
    • A group prayer station activity

We suggest the materials are used in this way:

Anytime before Easter:

“Pictures Of God” Prayer Station Activity:<,/strong> This is an interactive prayer station activity exploring all the of the names of Jesus. This activity includes step-by-step leader guide for set up, materials needed for the stations, and reflection sheets. It can be used as a small group study, large group study or merely a creative reflection that prepares the heart for Easter by focusing in on who Jesus is.

One week out from Easter:

“Bread & Wine” Small Group Study The first small group study explains the meaning of the symbols of the bread and wine, how this relates to the Passover meal, and what this means for us today. Passage: Luke 22:7-20.

<“Getting The Heart Of Our Family Ready For Easter” (Send Home Family Devotional): This is a devotional you can send home for parents to use the week leading up to Easter. This simple family devotional explores various symbols and scripture references that help each of us understand Christ’s last week on earth including His death and resurrection.

Easter Sunday:

“The Look Of The Cross” Easter Sermon: The Easter Sermon is focused on the cross, and how this symbol that once evoked terror and dread has become a symbol for joy for Christians. It’s a Jesus-centered message suitable for both un-churched and churched students that will drive home the meaning of Easter Sunday. Passage: Matthew 28:1-10. A list of suggested pictures for a Power Point presentation is included as well.

Week After Easter:

“Symbol of Your Life” Small Group Study The second small group study is a reflective time where students choose a picture (symbol) that best symbolizes their lives. The goal is to let students reflect on where they are in their relationship with Jesus and what they’d need to do to take the next step. Passage: Luke 19:1-10.

“In The Image of God” Student 7 Day Devotional This seven day devotional finishes up the Easter season. It is a take home devotional to send home with students reminding them just how much Christ loves them. Creative, and scripture focused it helps students dig into the truth of what Jesus thinks of them.

Pictures Of Easter: Full Easter Package

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A robust and complete Easter package including small group studies, sermon, family devotional, student devotionals, and an interactive prayer maze activity.
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