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Students have loved this elimination-based game to end Zoom calls in the style of the hit show Survivor. These new elements in volume 2 will help you bring variety and interest to a game your students are already loving!


If your students are loving Zoom Byee, then you're in luck - there's more where this came from! Volume 2 is like an expansion pack designed to accompany an already purchased Volume 1! You and your students will need to understand the game from the instructions of Volume 1 and playing it in its simplest form as described, before taking things to the next level in Volume 2.

This is THE most popular game on DYM during the quarantine - if you haven't tried it yet, what are you waiting for?! Grab Volume 1 and 2 today!

This game brings energy and excitement to say bye to your students on a Zoom meeting. Students compete against one another like the popular Survivor TV show in immunity challenges in this elimination-style game.

Volume 2's new trivia, immunities, voting system, and graphics (custom zoom backgrounds and graphics for each immunity) will bring variety and interest to continue in a game your students are already loving!

Author Pro-Tips: Use the three videos that we provide to understand the immunities and how to use them during play, and how to privately count votes (more effective and efficient, and avoids hurt feelings!)

This Resource Includes:
• 180 trivia questions in 13 new categories
• 9 New Immunities with pro-tips
• A new way to tally elimination votes
• Sidekick file with graphics loaded
• Author Video tutorials and example game
• Graphics (jpg) and Video (mp4):
-6 custom "Zoom Byeee" Zoom backgrounds
-Image for each of the 9 new immunities
-Title graphic (Volume 2)
-Instagram story promotional video ("We've played it before, we're playing again!")
-"Immunity" transition bumper


Cooper Miller


Michael Hall