Zombie Trap

Zombie Trap

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Are you tired of Zombies trying to eat you? Well... me too! Let's trap these zombies before they can get us!


Zombie Trap is a video-based game that will decide whether or not someone gets EATEN by a zombie!

How To Play: Ask two students to come to the front. You can either roll a die or have them say a number 1-6. Once the number is rolled or the number is said out loud, play the video with the corresponding number.

The video will either say “Zombie Trapped” which means that the player is safe and still in the round or it will say “Zombie Escaped” which means that student is out.

The other player will then have to roll the die or say a number to determine their fate. They will take turns until there is a winner.

Have fun “Trapping The Zombie”!

You can even have the entire audience participate by voting "thumbs up" (if they think the person up front will be safe) or "thumbs down" (if they think they are going to get EATEN.)

This Resource Includes:
• 3 rounds (18 video clips, 6 per round) (mp4 files)
• Title Video (mp4 files)


Joel Dunn