Zombie Break

Zombie Break

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Zombie Break is an incredible video-based, screen-driven, elimination "four corners"-style resource. It's easy to play, has hilarious situations, and is a great win for any fall-season gathering.


Editor Note: This is beyond visually appealing, this is over the top high quality that you would expect from a top-notch design company. Such an easy win and such high quality.

Zombie Break is a video-driven elimination "four corners"-style resource. Zombies are loose and your crowd will be challenged to survive. Each round will present a unique situation with three possible choices to make. Students will have to choose wisely before the zombie attacks in the answer videos and eliminate one of the choices. 

Assign three corners of a room or place three chairs on a stage... if students chose right, they play again! The rounds are not in a progression, so you can play a few rounds at a time or play them all.

This Resource Includes:

  • Title video (mp4 file)
  • Instructions slide (jpeg file)
  • 10 Q&A video clips (mp4 files)
  • Title slide (jpeg file)
  • Instructions (pdf file)


Note from Author

About this Product
Pair this game with a costume competition or hand out seasonal prizes. You can even go as far as having leaders or staff dress as zombies and wander around the room during play! This game is light-hearted and funny, so make it fun!

John Lindsey

John is the Creative Director of Student Ministry at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY.