Youth Worker’s Guide to Burnout

Youth Worker’s Guide to Burnout

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An e-book (pdf) that guides youth workers on how to avoid burnout.


Burnout is the most significant problem facing leaders and youth ministries today. More than 40% of us say we're burned out right now, and that isn't just a cost on our own lives--burnout wrecks ministries, hurts churches, and breaks the hearts of teenagers.

if you want to be in ministry for the long haul, avoiding burnout needs to be a top priority. I've spent five years researching burnout in youth workers; how it happens; and most importantly, how we can stop it. In this e-book, you'll learn:

• Why no one is immune from burnout problems.
• How to recognize burnout symptoms in yourself before things get too serious.
• How and why you really need to Keep the Sabbath.
• The habits that youth workers need to keep to stay healthy, spiritual and otherwise.
• My 5-Step prescription for preventing and overcoming burnout.

This Resource Includes:
• E-book (pdf file)

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Aaron Helman