Youth Ministry Memory Neuralyzer 2000XG

Youth Ministry Memory Neuralyzer 2000XG

GOLD members pay $14,624.19
Need to erase a deacon's memory? Play the wrong video clip or accidentally swear?


We almost don't need to write the description for this product. Sure, it is close to an $18,000 expense, but maybe the words of satisfied customers will push you over the edge. VERY LIMITED SUPPLY

"At the beginning of my sermon I played a video clip from Tommy Boy, but got so into it I just decided to play the rest of the movie in it's entirety and not even finish my message. At the end, I just flashed the Neuralyzer and everyone said it was the most inspiring talk I had ever given. Thank you, DYM!" - Jon Jones, Emmanuel Baptist Church, 2-year youth ministry veteran

"One time I left the pastor's oldest son at the train station in Paris, France. We got home and used the 2000XG to erase the complete memory of the child altogether. The last I heard that kid is now a professional mime. Everyone wins with this thing!" (name withheld), youth worker from Benton Harbor, MI

"I've been using the 1000XL model for years since the first questionable expenses came through the church account after the Youth Specialties Conference last Fall. Our Treasurer literally never saw it coming!" - Randy White, Atlanta, GA

"The Youth Ministry Memory Neutralizer now has an Apple Watch App? I just need to figure out how to pay for an Apple Watch. I need to talk to my buddy Randy from Georgia. He's always buying stuff and charging it to the church." - Matthew Reynolds, Iowa Youth Commission

"We were on a work project in Ensenada and slammed my thumb with a hammer on the roof of a house we were building. I let out a string of profanity that would make a sailor blush. Thanks to the 2000XG ... that secret never crossed the border with our church van. 5 stars!!" - Karin Watson, Homes4Dayz, Portland, OR


Doug Fields


Josh Griffin


DYM Team