Your Will Be Done

Your Will Be Done

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A two-week series on what prayer is all about.


Editor's note: This is a solid two-week series. I think it's a great, student-friendly explanation of what prayer is and how to pray.

Students struggle with praying. In fact, if we were honest, most adults do, too. This two-week series seeks to answer the question, "What is prayer really all about?" and gives students an easy-to-follow plan for how to pray.

This Resource Includes:
• Two message manuscripts
• Two message outlines to give students
• Two PowerPoint files
• Message title image, message images for presentation software, video links, keynote slides
• Generic prayer journal template.

Help students learn what it really means to pray and give them a helpful plan on how to do it!


Jeff Tapp

Yeah ... I'm one of those older youth pastors that's been in the game a long time.