You Think You Know The Facts About Christmas?

You Think You Know The Facts About Christmas?

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A complete 3-week study for the Christmas season!


This is a complete "study" for the Christmas season. It includes 3 weeks of small groups studies with an opening activity, study, closing application, a service activity, and 25 days of "textable devotions.

Let's face it this time of year we are always trying to get students to really understand the power of Christmas. Maybe they know all the "facts," but have they really taken a look to see what they mean? In three weeks it is a total overview of Christmas. Then back up what they are learning with a text everyday that includes a thought, and a link to a verse. Help students really take the Advent Season and think about this baby, "God with us," who was born, purposed to die to save us from our sin.

Leneita Fix