You Had One Job

You Had One Job

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A one-off message that challenges students to live an intentional lifestyle of evangelism


Taking the gospel to the world is the primary mission of the church. Today's teenagers desperately need someone to love them and share the hope that is only found in Jesus. This one-off message will challenge students to live an intentional lifestyle of evangelism. Using Acts 1:4-11, you can show your students that Jesus left us with one job - to be His witnesses.

This message helps students to understand why it is important to share their faith, and it sets the stage to discuss the role of the Holy Spirit. Finally, this message ends with a very practical and intentional plan for students to engage their friends who don't have a relationship with Jesus

This Resource Includes:
• Complete Teaching Manuscript (Word file)
• Teaching Outline (Word file)
-Student Handout (Word file)
- Small group guide (Word file)
• PowerPoint presentation file
• Background images (jpeg files)

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Matt Adams