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A 3-week Christmas series that leads students through the reality of Christ in Christmas.


Christmas, while it is fraught with the perils of secular traditions and commercialization, still provides one of the best times to help students understand the reality of God’s love. This series, XMAS, encourages students to keep Christ in Christmas, setting a biblical foundation for the humanity of Jesus, the divinity of Jesus, and the incarnation, through which humanity and divinity collided. We look at several Old Testament prophecies and their New Testament fulfillment event as we discover the incredible circumstances leading up to and surrounding the birth of Jesus.

This series is best utilized around the season of Christmas or Advent, but it could easily be adapted and utilized at other parts of the year, like a Christmas in July celebration, for example.

This Resource Includes:
• Full message manuscripts (2,000+ words each) (.doc)
• Small Group guides (.doc)
• Series graphics, including Title, Blank, Black and White Logo, Instagram, & Facebook.