Would You Rather: Back-to-School Edition

Would You Rather: Back-to-School Edition

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A classic youth ministry game to get to know a little about everyone in the room. Students are given two different scenarios and have to choose which one they would rather be in/do.


This classic youth ministry game is back to help get your students in the “back-to-school” spirit! Students are shown two different scenarios and they have to answer the question “Would You Rather?”

There are two really good ways to play this game:
• Get Em’ Moving: have all your students stand. When the slide is shown on the screen, students move to whatever side of the room correlates with what they’d rather do on the screen (right side of the screen, students go to the right side of the room).
• Text poll: to get the whole crowd involved without them having to get out of their seats, you can use a service like Poll Everywhere and have the students vote in which scenario they would rather do.

This Resource includes:
• Games Slides (1920 x 1080) (1 Title Slide and 10 Question Slides)
• Editable PowerPoint to add your own questions


Ken Mcintyre