Worst Gift Ever: Valentine's Edition

Worst Gift Ever: Valentine's Edition

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In this screen game, students are given two ridiculous Valentine's Day gifts and must decide which one is worse!


Everyone knows the danger of giving that “special someone” a terrible gift on Valentine’s Day. Why not let your students help each other out? Two options for Valentine gifts will appear on the screen and students must decide which is worse. The answers are subjective, so there are a few ways to play—choose from the included list of gameplay options to help this game win in your ministry context.

Bring one student (or adult volunteer) up front to sit with his/her back to the crowd. Two hilarious worst gifts ever (they are all clean and youth ministry approved!) are shown on the screen. Students vote on which breakup-line the student/leader up-front will decide is more awkward/funny.

Options for Voting:
Have all your students stand. If they think gift 1 is worse students move to the right side of the room. If they think gift 2 is worse they move to the left side. It’s an easy way to get people moving and involved.

This Resource Includes:
• Complete PowerPoint game file
• Gameplay instructions document (Word file)
• Individual game slides (jpeg files)
• Title Slide (jpeg file)

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