Worship Song Roulette

Worship Song Roulette

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A hilarious game where students have to sing well-known worship songs while impersonating famous characters.


This Jimmy Fallon-inspired game is sure to be an instant classic in your youth group! Worship Song Roulette ‘randomly’ generates well-known worship songs as well as famous characters.

Here’s how the game works: Choose contestants and have them stand at the front of the room. One by one, show one of the “roulette” slides to assign the contestant her or his worship song and artist. To see how this works, check out this Jimmy Fallon YouTube video:


Once a song and artist are ‘randomly' generated, students then have to sing the song while doing an impression of the artist.

Here are the songs included in this game:

1. "How He Loves Us” performed by Arnold Schwarzenegger 2. "Good Good Father" performed by Morgan Freeman 3. “Oceans” performed by Kanye 4. “How Great is Our God” performed by The Cookie Monster 5. “Sinking Deep” performed by Justin Bieber 6. “Mighty to Save” performed by Elvis 7. “Alive” performed by Mario from the Mario Bros. 8. “Set a Fire” performed by Spongebob Squarepants 9. “Our God” performed by Taylor Swift 10. “This is Amazing Grace” performed by Kermit the Frog

Pro Tips: - Use a button for students to press to start the Worship Song Roulette videos. Of course, the button doesn’t work but it’s fun to pretend!

- Not every student will know the lyrics of the songs. Either have pre-printed song lyrics sheets ready to go, or put them up on a screen for contestants to read.

- Although this game works well with no accompanying music, you can kick the game up a notch by a backing track. Some options include: a karaoke track off of Spotify or iTunes or have a guitar/keyboard player on stage that knows the songs.

- Have the students only sing a small portion of the song (20 seconds or so).

Here’s what’s included:

    - 10 High Def Video slides (1920px x 1080px)
    - Title Slide
    - Background Slide

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Ken Mcintyre