World's Worst Superheroes

World's Worst Superheroes

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Slideshow of awesomely bad superheroes with equally awesomely bad "super powers".


Could easily be turned into a game, but is not as much a game as it is informational. A slideshow that lists 11 of the lesser-known super heroes from all of comic-land. Show the superhero, then reveal their terrible “super-power”. This slideshow of funny, yet sad super powers could be used as a crowd breaker or part of your message on failure, spiritual gifts, or even to make an engaging service countdown. Lots of potential uses (if you can use very “average” superheroes).

Resource Includes:

    • Complete PowerPoint presentation file of 11 Superheroes
    • Font instructions for PowerPoint presentation
    • Individual presentation slides (jpg files)

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John Kryvoruka