Wired - A 3-Week Teaching Series on the Brain, Emotions, and Loneliness

Wired - A 3-Week Teaching Series on the Brain, Emotions, and Loneliness

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This is a three-week series on the brain, emotions, and loneliness, and how to navigate life in healthy ways.


God wired us in fascinating ways. Our brains and our emotions allow us to experience life through a variety of senses and feelings. God wired our brains to grow through what we give our attention and focus to. God gave us emotions to make sense of life. The better we understand how God wired us, the better we can navigate life. 

Students need emotional guidance. With everything going on in their lives, heads, and the world, they need tools to cope and grow through what life throws at them. 

This series is designed to show how following Jesus influences the brain and helps us navigate emotions and loneliness in healthy and productive ways. 

Series Overview:
Week 1 - Jesus on the Brain
Week 2 - Living an Emotionally Healthy Life
Week 3 - A Healthy Guide Through Loneliness

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This Resource Includes:

  • Complete message manuscript for each week (Word files)
  • Small group guide for each week (Word files)
  • Series graphics (jpeg files)


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About this Product
This series provides a lot of practical applications for emotionally healthy practices. Emphasizing the application points with your small group leaders and volunteers prior to the message will help them grasp the concepts for effective discussions. In light of this content, I'd highly recommend reading about adolescent brain development and emotional health. Start with "The Teenage Brain" by Frances M. Jensen MD., "Raising Emotionally Strong Boys" by Dave Thomas, and "Raising Worry-Free Girls" by Sissy Goff.
Todd Lesher

Todd Lesher

Todd Lesher has been involved in youth ministry for over 20 years. He serves at a local church in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. He enjoys writing message and small group content for youth groups but struggles to write personal bios.