Willing Devotional

Willing Devotional

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Willing is a four-day devotional study on the life of Philip. It can be done by a group or by individuals.


How does Philip, a man who was chosen to pass out bread, become one of the greatest witnesses for Christ the world has ever seen? Philip’s story is amazing, but it did not start out as something amazing. It started out with a guy who was willing to serve God anyway he could. Are you willing to serve? In this four-part study, we will look at what it means to be willing to serve, willing to go, willing to leave, and willing to stay.

Day 1: Willing to Serve
Day 2: Willing to Go
Day 3: Willing to Leave
Day 4: Willing to Stay

This Resource Includes:
• 9 page devotional (including a title page) in PDF


Andrew Larsen


Timothy Miller