Wild White Elephant

Wild White Elephant

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This is a crazy twist on the classic Christmas gift exchange using Sidekick 'Boxes'! Every few turns, turn up the fun and get those presents changing hands like crazy.


Editor Note: Pretty genius game actually. And super easy to run!

Is a Christmas gift exchange a staple of your Christmas parties and gatherings? Do you want a way to turn up the fun? This is it! All the rules of White Elephant (also called Dirty Santa or Yankee Swap) apply. But there's a twist! Every few turns, have someone click a box and watch the Christmas present mania begin. Students may have to pass their presents to someone in a different grade or to the person on their left. Gifts are always on the fly, and the fun gets turned to high! We've included title slides for each of the three primary names of this game, so that no matter where you're playing, the game can be for you and your group!

This Resource Includes:

  • Sidekick 'Boxes' game file
  • Title images for "Wild White Elephant," "Wild Dirty Santa," and "Wild Yankee Swap" (jpeg files)
  • Background slide (jpeg file)


Note from Author

About this Product
• We've played this game with anywhere from 10-60 people. The key is changing how often you play the Boxes game. For smaller groups, we had someone pick a twist every 2-3 people and every 6 or so people with bigger groups. Using Boxes too many times can lose the effect and really drag the game out. We usually mandate that gifts can't cost more than $20 so there's no kind of competition. Don't let them write their names on the presents, so no one knows who brought what. • We've also put the names of everyone present into a "Pick Me" game to choose whose turn it is instead of drawing numbers. • Sitting in some kind of a circle can be helpful for passing left and right.

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