Who Wrote It? Bible Edition

Who Wrote It? Bible Edition

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Do your students know who wrote the books of the Bible? Play this multiple-choice trivia game and see how much they actually do or don't know.


"Who Wrote It? Bible Edition" is a fun Sidekick 'Trivia' game (with 10 multiple-choice rounds) where people must guess who wrote specific books of the Bible.  

Have fun with this game and use it as a way of teaching students about the people in the Bible that God used to speak His message.

This Resource Includes:

  • Sidekick 'Trivia' game file
  • Title and background slides (jpeg files)


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About this Product
If using this game in a streaming context, have students text in their answers and keep score. Mail the winner a prize or send a gift card via email.
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Matt Baker

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