Who’s More Popular? College Football Stadium Edition

Who’s More Popular? College Football Stadium Edition

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Are you ready for some football ... stadiums?


This is the perfect game to:

(1) Get the jocks excited,
(2) Get anyone who appreciates College Football excited, or
(3) Get those who are into Stadium Seating Capacities excited (and who doesn’t have those types of kids in their ministry? Am I right?)

It’s a real simple game—you show them 2 College Logos and they have to decide which Stadium holds the most people. Boom! It’s that easy! Chances are real high that it’s a 100% guessing game and no jock, smart kid, or future architect will have an advantage. Play it as small teams against one another, use it to eliminate contestants… use it however you want (just like all the great DYM games).

This Resource Includes:
• 10 Game questions/graphics + 1 tiebreaker question (22 great graphic jpg)
• 1 powerpoint presentation

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Doug Fields

DYM Team

DYM Team

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