Where's the Ball? Volume 4 Pickleball Edition

Where's the Ball? Volume 4 Pickleball Edition

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In this screen game, see if your students can tell which pickleball is the real one. But watch out... It's harder than you think!


Pickleball has had quite a ride since it was invented in 1965 by Joel Pritchard and Bill Bell. The sport started as a simple way for two dads to pass the time with their families, but now, with the advent of Where's the Ball: Pickleball Edition, we can finally say that PICKLEBALL HAS FINALLY ARRIVED!!

With this game, you'll be asking your students to do something that sounds relatively simple, but ends up being a lot harder than it sounds. Just pick which one of the pickleballs is actually the real pickleball.
Check out what people have said about previous editions:
• "Our kids LOVE this series. It's so easy, so fun and the pics are incredible and sometimes hilarious." - Josh G.
• "Perfect plug and play game. Easy yet challenging! These are the best kind." - Isaac L.
• "Super clever... love this!" - Doug F.

This Resource Includes:

  • Complete PowerPoint game file 
  • Individual (10 Q&A) game slides (jpeg files)
  • Alternative Keynote game file
  • Title slide (jpeg file)


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You could easily do this as an upfront game, as a move around the room to vote game, or (for the super high-tech) you could even do a vote-by-text campaign. Tons of potential here! This version is also specially designed to get progressively harder with each round, so it works perfectly as a crowd-based elimination game.
Josh Boldman

Josh Boldman

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