When God is Late

When God is Late

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At some point, God will not answer our prayers on our timetable. This one-off message package explores four practical things to remember when going through a painful season.


"When God is Late" is a one-off message package that explores the feeling that all of us have either had or will have some day: that God is late. When something difficult or tragic happens in our lives or the lives of people we love, our faith can often be shaken. We wonder why God didn't answer our prayers or on our timetable. This practical message gives students four things to remember when they are going through extreme difficulty:

1. God can handle our questions
2. Jesus suffers with us
3. Speak truth
4. God is not done, so don't give up

This message is based around three New Testament accounts where God was seemingly late: Jarius' daughter, Lazarus, and Jesus' crucifixion.

This Resource Includes:
• Complete message manuscript (3500+ words, Word file)
• Small group guide (Word file)
• Message-themed game and response activity document (Word file)
• A Powerpoint presentation (and alternative Keynote version)
• A title and Instagram graphic (jpeg files)


Sabrina Hadro

As the super part time youth director at my church in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, I get to bring together the call and gifts the Holy Spirit has given me, alongside of 14 years of youth ministry experience in various church sizes and denominations, to lead a team to share the Gospel with teenagers. My first job is wife and mother to 3 littles under 5 years old (pray for me) and I squeeze in gardening, sharing with DYM, sports, and guitar during nap times!