What Would You Do?

What Would You Do?

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500 Questions to Get Teens Talking


500 questions that range from funny to serious and shallow to deep. These 500 questions will get teens laughing, thinking and talking about their emotions, beliefs, dreams, and values. Designed to open the door for conversation that will deepen relationships, these questions can be used within families, among friends, or with complete strangers… basically, they’re not reserved only for youth groups.

They can be used as time-killers on road trips, icebreakers in small groups, crowd-mixers in large groups, or simply in one-on-one conversations.

Sample Questions:

What Would You Do …
• If you had the opportunity to ask your parents one question without feeling embarrassed?
• If you could do one more thing before going completely blind?
• If Instant Messaging ended?
• If you could come up with one way to serve your community this month?
• If you could write an eleventh commandment?

Kevin Mahaffy

Kevin Mahaffy is a student ministry veteran with over 20 years of vocational youth ministry under his belt. He has also served as a teaching pastor and is popular speaker at camps and retreats, and currently serves as the Family Ministries pastor at Bay Hills Church in El Sobrante, CA.