What's In Your Lunch?

What's In Your Lunch?

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A one-off message on taking the "lunch" God has packed for us in the form of our talents, gifts, and abilities.


This one-off message is based on the story out of John 6, where Jesus takes one small lunch from one small boy and creates a meal that feeds over 5,000 people. This message takes a look a the "lunch" that God has packed for you in the form of your talents, gifts, and abilities. We then ask the question, "Are you willing to share your lunch?" This message could be used at a volunteer recruitment event or in addition to a meal packing event/ student fundraising lunch, etc. You will need to find a spiritual gift assessment (there is one linked in the document) and purchase enough brown paper bags for the entire audience (if you would like).

This Resource Includes:
• Teaching Manuscript
• Title and Background slide
• Complete Powerpoint file
• Spiritual Gifts definition handout
• Small Group Questions


Ben Moore