Warning Labels

Warning Labels

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In this screen game, your students must guess which of these ridiculous warning labels are fake or fact.


We have all read some product labels that sound strange, stupid, and downright ridiculous on actual products. In this screen game, test your students of warning labels by asking them to determine if the displayed warning label is a fake warning label or if, in fact, the warning label is real! This is sure to get a laugh out of your group. This game can be played in a number of ways but my favorite way to play this game is to get students out of their seats. Think 'two corners'! Here's how: have all your students stand up and if they think the warning label is a fact then they can move to any side of the room that you choose. If they think the warning label is a fake then have them move to the other side. Another way this game can be played at a youth worker/parent meeting. There are definite warning signs that our teens will display for certain things that they may be encountering. This could be a fun way to introduce a serious topic.

This Resource Includes: • Complete PowerPoint game • Individual (10 Q&A + instructions) game slides (jpeg files) • Bonus slides (jpeg files) • Title slide (jpeg file)

Scott Stentz