Waiting…A Christmas Series on Advent

Waiting…A Christmas Series on Advent

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A two-week teaching series providing students with a fresh look at the ancient gift of the advent.


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Christmas is all about waiting. We wait all year for the season to arrive, then all December for day to finally get here! Waiting is such a huge part of Christmas that we even celebrate the day BEFORE Christmas as its own separate occasion! Christmas is all about waiting, and let's face it - none of us are really good at waiting.

In this two-week Christmas series, your students will discover the Biblical purpose of waiting for Jesus, also known as the advent season, as well as the advent that we all can experience this Christmas!

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This Resource Includes:

  • 2 Complete word-for-word (1700+ words) message manuscripts (Word files) Sermon series
  • Title and Blank Content slide (jpg)

Michael Wallace