Vote for Jesus

Vote for Jesus

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A series that asks the question, "Who are you going to vote for in life?"


We make dozens, if not hundreds, of choices each and every day. We “vote” on everything from, “where to go to lunch” and “what to do on Friday night” to “who should be homecoming king/queen.” And yet, each of us is also faced with a much bigger and more important election in our own lives that has both earthly and eternal implications. Your candidates are “the world” or Jesus. Do you know where each candidate stands on all the issues? Who can you trust the most? Are you willing to campaign for the candidate of your choice? Are you even going to show up to vote? Ultimately the choice is yours. It’s a huge decision, one that shouldn’t be taken lightly and one that requires a thorough investigation. So, who are you going to vote for?

God is holding an election far more important than who becomes the next President.

WEEK 2 (which could be a one-off message)
Who are the two candidates?
What promises does the world make, and what promises does Jesus make?

What does it really look like to follow Jesus?

This Resource Includes:
• Complete 2500+ word message manuscript for Week 2 ONLY (Word file)
• Message outlines for Weeks 1 and 3 (NOT word-for-word manuscript) (Word files)
• PowerPoint presentations for each week (PowerPoint files)
• Individual presentation slides for each week (jpeg files)
• Vote for Jesus bumper video (mov file)
• Title slide (jpeg file)
• Editable PSD files and fonts (PhotoShop required for access)


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