Volunteer Interview Tools Superpack

Volunteer Interview Tools Superpack

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Develop a clear process to interview, screen and start your youth ministry team


When I got my start in ministry a lot of time was spent wondering what are the right things to ask a potential volunteer in an interview. I didn't want it to be to surface level and learn nothing, I didn't want the interview to be to deep and scare them off, this is student ministry so it should be fun right. It was after some work, messing up, feedback and trial and error that I developed this outline for all our interviews for our Jr. High Ministry. If you work hands on with volunteers then this will be a great tool for you. It's all editable in word and pages so toss in some of your own questions to fit your context.

This pack includes:
  • A complete volunteer process from start to finish
  • Interview questions and template
  • Volunteer commitment form
  • Reference check forms
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    justin Herman