Viva! Holy Spirit

Viva! Holy Spirit

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Four week teaching about the Holy Spirit


Viva is a series of short, downloadable, curriculum resources. Whether you are looking for a last minute lesson plan or ideas to add into your teaching, Viva is designed for youth workers leading the revolution.

The Holy Spirit is probably the most left out and misunderstood member of the Trinity, yet Jesus referred to the Spirit as a Helper that would be with us forever. If we really have access to that kind of support in our lives, it would be in our best interests to know what or who the Holy Spirit is and how this Divine Counselor impacts our lives. This is what Viva! Holy Spirit seeks to unpack.

Throughout this series, we will explore a number of Scriptures to gain a better Biblical understanding of how the Spirit works in our lives. Beyond the discussions, we will also engage in some very practical exercises to practice listening to the Holy Spirit and learn how we can engage this Helper in our lives. Specifically, we will look at the following topics:

Week 1: The Holy Spirit?
Week 2: Listening Through Scripture
Week 3: Listening Through Prayer
Week 4: Listening Through Reflection

This Resource Includes:
• 4 Lessons (pdf) • Slide templates (title and background) in psd and jpeg, for use in PowerPoint, Keynote, MediaShout, ProPresenter or another display system.


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