Viva! Doubt

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What is the role of doubt within our faith?


What is the role of doubt in our faith? There are some Christians who treat doubt like it's a bad thing, but the truth is that doubt is totally normal for all of us, no matter the depth of our faith. More so, without doubt, we wouldn't need to have faith because we would be certain of everything we believe.

The fact is, the very thing that helps our faith grow and mature is doubt. Doubts are what lead to questions, which leads to digging deeper and exploring at greater depths, which then can lead to new truths and better understandings. In contrast, when we ignore our doubts, it damages and cheapens our faith because we cannot fully commit to something we have not adequately explored. This is what this Viva! will explore. We'll look at four stories in the Bible that raise a lot of questions and doubts. We'll lean into some of the challenges these passages present and see if there are other ways to understand the accounts. Here is what we'll be discussing:

Week 1: Noah and the Flood
Week 2: Exodus and the Ten Plagues
Week 3: Jonah and the Fish
Week 4: Ananias and Sapphira Drop Dead

This Resource Includes: • Student Leadership Meeting
• Four Topical Lessons with Small Group Questions


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