Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

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A 3-week series that exposes the lies the virtual world teaches about purity, womanhood, and manhood.


Our digital world is expanding day by day, and it increasingly becomes a bigger influence in the lives of teenagers. Students often look for the answers to their questions in the virtual world, instead of looking for those answers in the reality of God’s Word.

In this 3-week series, you'll help your students examine the differences between the virtual world (internet, movies, TV, etc.) and the reality we see in the Bible, regarding three very important topics: love, sex, and dating; womanhood; and manhood.

Week 1 - Love, Sex, and Dating: Purity sets the stage for intimacy (1 Cor 6:18–20)
Week 2 - Womanhood: A woman's value is not based on her physical appearance (Genesis 1:27, 1 Peter 3:3–4)
Week 3 - Manhood: A man seeks God's heart (1 Sam 16:18 & 17:36, 2 Sam 7:18–21 & 12:13–14)

This Resource Includes:
• Three word-for-word message manuscripts
• Three small group lessons
• Title slide, blank slide, and social square (jpg)


Jack Grimes