Verse-by-Verse Discussion: 19 Weeks in the Gospel of John

Verse-by-Verse Discussion: 19 Weeks in the Gospel of John

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A 19-week small group curriculum that takes students through the entire gospel of John.


Doug's note: This was an ambitious project that is very volunteer-friendly. Easy to use... check out the samples.

What would it be like to go through an entire book of the Bible with your small group? This resource is a 19-week small group study through the gospel of John, from the first verse to the last. Each week's guide is discussion-based, and the purpose is to ensure that students are interactive and not just hear you talk the whole time.

These guides are also designed so that anyone can pick them up and lead through them with minimal to zero preparation. Obviously, it helps to be prepared, but sometimes—especially for volunteers—leaders don't have a whole lot of time to prepare for a lesson. These discussions are written for students no matter where they are in their spiritual walk. Whether they're brand new to church or have been walking with the Lord for a long time, these 19 weeks will engage everyone and will help them get to know Jesus more.

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This Resource Includes:
• A leader guide explaining all the questions you might have regarding the provided lessons
• 19 discussion-based lessons through the gospel of John; each contains a "Big Idea," an ice-breaker activity, and a dozen or more discussion questions


Anthony Ochoa