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A four-week series looking at spiritual disciplines that help us unplug from worldly distractions and plug into Jesus.


We see in Scripture that there are spiritual disciplines to help us grow closer to God and further away from the world. These disciplines can seem intimidating especially when we are not sure how to perform them exactly.

This four-week series will lead your students into a better understanding of four spiritual disciplines and the why and how of participation. These disciplines are meant to bring us closer to God and build a stronger faith and relationship with Him. Our participation in spiritual disciplines will help us unplug from the world and minimize the distractions we face continuously.

Week 1: Prayer
Week 2: Quiet Time
Week 3: Fasting
Week 4: Giving

This Resource Includes:
• Annotated message outlines for each week (not word for word, but very detailed and super easy to teach from) (Word files)

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Scott Huff

Scott is a 15 year youth ministry veteran, a background actor, and well known at the local Chickfila.