Unlock the Box Mini: Birdwatching

Unlock the Box Mini: Birdwatching

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This game combines the fun of a scavenger hunt and solving a puzzle. It's a great mini-version of the popular "unlock the box" games with play time at only about 15 minutes. This bird-themed game is easy to set up and your flock will love it!


Doug's note: Yes! I've been wanting another edition--these are so fun and engaging.

This is a great opener for your youth night! Students will team up and compete to be the first to unlock the box. Teams will search for hidden birds together, which will give them clues to help them discover the code to open the lock. 

This Resource Includes: 

  • How-to-play instructions document (Word file)
  • Birdwatching printouts with clues to hang them for the hunt (pdf file)
  • Gamesheets (pdf file)
  • Answer key (pdf file)

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About this Product
Is it just us, or do your youth love to play games that allow them to roam around the church too? I find they especially like to play these games when it is somewhat dark. You can plan to supply some flashlights and let the youth play this game partially in the dark. • This game is great for the spring & summer, but could also be used for Valentine's Day if you play up a "love birds" theme.

Jenna Bush


Jessie Conklin