Unlock the Box: Fall Fun

Unlock the Box: Fall Fun

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A puzzle and scavenger hunt game. Students will team up to solve the puzzles and find the code to unlock the box.


Doug's note: I'm a sucker for stuff like this... I think these are fun, team-building type games.

Students team up to solve puzzles and decipher clues and find the code to unlock the box!

You can customize team size based on the size of your group, and use either one or two lock boxes. You can also choose to make each team unlock one box before giving them the next set of clues, or you may have them figure out all the puzzles at once. Give out a cool prize to the winner!

Play time will vary between 40 – 70 minutes depending on the number of players on a team, the age of players, and the number of hints provided to help players along. This game requires additional supplies and set-up time. It is ideal for when you want to create a memorable, special time of fun for your students!

This Resource Includes:
• Gameplay instructions (Word file)
• Crossword Part 1 (pdf file)
• Crossword Part 2 (Word file)
• Fall Tree Hunt Part 1 (Word file)

• Fall Tree Hunt Part 2 (Word file)

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