Unlikely: 7-Day Mission Journal/Devotional

Unlikely: 7-Day Mission Journal/Devotional

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A 7-day mission trip journal, devotional, and trip book that focuses on how God always seems to choose the UNLIKELY.


Humans are very quick to judge someone by their appearance rather than their character. God, on the other hand, does just the opposite. It seems that throughout history, God always seems to choose the UNLIKELY —the smallest, least important, least qualified, the last one picked at kickball, the outcast, the one that might not even be an option in anyone’s eyes.

What about your students? Are they among the UNLIKELY? What could God do in and through their lives that will forever change who they are and those around them?

In this 7-day mission trip journal and devotional (51 pages), students will focus on six people from Biblical times that were the epitome of UNLIKELY. As they look deeper into who these people are and what kind of an impact that God had in and through them, they will see that even the most UNLIKELY were men and woman just like them. UNLIKELY is a ready to photocopy and use immediately, and includes teaching notes if you would like to turn each day into a message.

Day 1: Sarah (Disbelief - Sarah was the only one laughing)
Day 2: Peter (Failed Friend - Peter turned his back and ran)
Day 3: David (Good Enough - Left behind to tend the sheep)
Day 4: The Apostles (Acceptance - God accepts you where you are)
Day 5: Samaritan Woman (Living Water - Grace and salvation come from Jesus)
Day 6: Paul (Now what - From a murderer to a missionary)
Day 7: A week in review (Taking home this experience)

This Resource Includes:
• Leader Teaching Notes for all 7 days (Word document, editable)
• 7-Day Student Mission Devotional Series and Journal, formatted and ready for print. (Word file, editable)
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