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A 3-week series (message outlines) on how Christ-followers should live a life that is unashamed of the Gospel of Jesus.


So many Christ-followers struggle to live a life that boldly proclaims the Gospel. This 3-week series will encourage students to live in a way that glorifies God and proclaims His name continuously.

All Christ-followers are commanded to live like Christ and pursue away from the world while pursuing after God. We are called to be transformed by the Gospel to become more like Jesus in how we live our daily lives. Our life must proclaim the Gospel that we hold onto. It’s not enough for Jesus to just be our Savior, He must also be our Lord.

Week 1: “Pursue”
Week 2: “Transform”
Week 3: “Proclaim”

This Resource Includes:
• Annotated message outline for each week (Word files). Most DYM sermons are word-for-word. These are detailed outlines—they’re very good, but this is priced in a way to reflect outlines and not word for word.
• Each outline includes small group discussion questions


Scott Huff