Trouble 100% Guaranteed

Trouble 100% Guaranteed

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Matthew 11:28-30

A Quarter Life Faith Sparker™ for Young Adults


Trouble is promised. Suffering is guaranteed. Yet, we don’t hear many sermons about trials and tribulations. Engage your group in an energized faith conversation about Jesus’ promise of trouble.

Trouble 100% Guaranteed, a Quarter Life Faith Sparker™ for Young Adults, is a little-prep, easy-to-use faith discussion-starter for the quarter life years between high school and adulthood, ages 18-25.

Print a Trouble 100% Guaranteed Faith Sparker™ copy for each of your group members. Using the Facilitator’s Guide to lead you, begin with the icebreaker question and move through each of the seven faith discussion-starters. Your faith dialogue will take between 45 minutes to an hour.

Often called emerging adulthood, quarter life is a new stage of life that needs your attention now. Use this Faith Sparker™ resource once and you’ll be hooked on this dialogue-energizing opportunity.

This resource includes:
• Facilitator’s Guide (pdf) for those leading the discussion
• Trouble 100% Guaranteed Faith Sparker™ (pdf) for participants
• Editable Faith Sparker™ PowerPoint Slide for the icebreaker
question and promotion

• Career-College groups
• Young adult small groups
• Young adult Sunday school
• Young adult retreats

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