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Take trivia to a new level this Christmas in a screen game where participants can wager points on the confidence in their answers.


Take your Christmas party to the next level this year! 

""Trivia Triplets"" is a next-level trivia game that combines strategy, knowledge, and competition! With each Trivia Triplet (a category with three trivia questions) participants will bet 1, 2, or 3 points on their confidence in their answer. But they must choose wisely, as each point value can only be used once until the next Triplet emerges. Six Christmas-themed triplets are included. Choose to play anywhere between 3 and all 6 based on the time you have. 

Included are downloadable scorecards and wager cards.
The following text is included in the simple instruction slide:
• Each round contains a category with three trivia questions (Trivia triplet).
• After a question is presented, but before the answer is revealed, you choose if you want to wager 1, 2, or 3 points on your guess.
• Get the question right, and you get the points wagered.
• Once you've wagered a point value, you can't wager it again until the next trivia triplet.

Here are three ways to play:
1. Individual All-Play Competition: Everyone gets a scorecard and a set of wager cards. Wager and guess as individuals. The person with the highest score at the end wins.
2. Group Competition: Divide the group into teams of 5 or 6. Each team gets one scorecard and one set of wager cards. Wager and guess as a team. The team with the highest score wins.
3. Individual/Team Stage Game: Pull up 3-5 individuals on stage. Each person on stage gets a set of wager cards. The individuals on stage face-off, and the host keeps score. Turn it into a team game dividing the group by grade, gender, or section, and switching out participants for each triplet.

The game comes in two versions: 
1. Multiple Choice Version: Each question has three options (best for individual all play or younger groups).
2 Blind Guess Version: Only the question appears (best for group competition or if individuals are up for a challenge).

This Resource Includes:

  • Gameplay instructions document (Word file)
  • Complete PowerPoint game file [multiple choice]
  • Individual (6 rounds of 3 Q&A for each category + instructions + tiebreaker) game slides [multiple choice] (jpeg files)
  • Complete PowerPoint game file [blind guess]
  • Individual (6 rounds of 3 Q&A for each category + instructions + tiebreaker) game 
  • Title slide (jpeg file)
  • Trivia Twist slides (jpeg files)
  • Printable (3, 4, 5, and 6 round options) scorecards (pdf files) 
  • Printable wager cards (pdf file)



Note from Author

About this Product
There are lots of ways to adjust this game for skill and time. This game was created by an 11-year-old and her dad. It's been played in multiple group settings and is a consistent hit!