Trilogy of Trilogies: 3-Game Pack of Hot Volume 3's

Trilogy of Trilogies: 3-Game Pack of Hot Volume 3's

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Three volume 3's, in one bundle!


You loved Volume 1, you loved Volume 2, now, we've brought you Volume 3 of three different hits, so you can get your favorites with one click at a discounted price!

  • Copy Cats: A video-based screen game where contestants will attempt to perform the cat GIFs they see on the screen and to see who is the best Copy Cat!
  • Ancient Artifacts: In this screen game, students will be shown items from the past (primarily from the 70s, 80s, and 90s), and they must guess what the item is called and what it does. What better way to help your non-millennial youth leaders/pastor feel out of touch and old? On the flip-side, they will be able to dominate the youth in this game!
  • Theme Thinker: A fun upfront and/or all-play game that will test your students' brainpower. Imagine this resource as a reverse Family Feud style game. Instead of giving answers to a specific theme, players will see the answers and must attempt to correctly guess the actual theme.


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Jakob Kerlin

Jakob is the student ministries pastor at Victory Church Philadelphia. He is a father of 2 who loves (good) music, loves students, loves to prank, and really loves Jesus. His life motto is "if it weren't for Venetian blinds, it'd be curtains for us all!"
Matt Baker

Matt Baker

Campus Pastor at Hope City Church in Edmonton, AB, and aspiring WWE Champion (not really).
Joe Hurtak

Joe Hurtak

Just your average bald youth pastor.