TRIBES - An 8-week summer outreach experience

TRIBES - An 8-week summer outreach experience

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A guide to help you create an 8-week competition-based summer outreach program.


TRIBES is an 8-week summer outreach program where you divide your youth group up into four or more TRIBES and compete to see who can increase their TRIBE the most during the summer. The entire program is competition-based and gives you the flexibility to make it exactly what it needs to be to work with your group. We've included the exact format for what we do, complete with games that are sensitive to those in your group who might not be the best athletes or have the most intense competitive nature. We've laid out our church's entire summer strategy in this resource.

You’ll find a step-by-step planning guide that will help you decide your dates, select your TRIBES, and set TRIBE leaders expectations. You'll also get a leader's meeting guide, a sample calendar, and games list (complete with online links for resources) for you to use as a guide.

The entire summer program is contained in this product. This is a student ministry tested program that we've used for four years. We've seen new students come to our ministry through this program every year. And we have seen our attendance double every summer we've used it because it rewards our students for bringing their friends.

This Resource Includes:
• Complete program guide (Word file)


James Copeland